Account and billing

How to reactivate expired PayPal subscription/accounts

If your Caribonix account is successfully activated, we will automatically attempt to process payments which become due either monthly or annually; depending the term you selected at sign up. If the attempt to process this payment fails on the first attempt an email notification containing a link to update your subscription will be sent to […]


Secure Password Requirements Guide

To ensure that you set Secure Passwords when recovering or changing your password, we have a few security requirements to assist you at avoiding weak passwords. The password should either be: At least 12 characters long and contain upper and lower case letters (except languages that only have one case) plus numbers and symbols (special […]


How do I recover or change my password?

You have forgotten your password at Login If you have forgotten your password, you can always click the “Lost your Password?” link below the login area to reset your password. When you click, you will be directed to our password lost and found page. Please enter your “username” or “email address” and click “Get New […]


Activating your Account Via PayPal

Your account has been created, thank you for signing up. You must first activate your account by either selecting a monthly or annual plan before your website becomes visible or is made public. To active account, please follow the following simple steps: Step 1: Click on (or) copy and paste the Website Log […]


Users (staff members) Roles Explained

Administrator An administrator has full and complete control/ownership of a website, and can do absolutely everything. This person has complete power over modifying, deleting, publishing (posts/pages, comments, settings, design, apps, importing, users and billing.) Important: We recommend that you do not to assign users (staff members) the “administrator” role unless it is totally necessary or […]


How to Add New Users (staff members) to Your Site

As your site grows you may require additional personnel to help you manage your website. We have made it very easy to add unlimited users (staff members) regardless of your current plan. You can grant users (staff members) access/permission to your website back-end based on designated role. For more information on determining permissions based on […]