How To Contact Us

At Caribonix, we take customer support very seriously; our customers value the high level of support we provide on a daily basis. This is why we have formulated various procedures and management tools to ensure that our customers are always satisfied at every stage of interaction.

We advise all customers to take the time out to read and understand this document to ensure that you are making full use of our support systems and are utilizing them in the correct manner.

Our support system is classified into four (4) areas:

1. Forum support:

This is a general community area where questions, suggestions, feedback and concerns are addressed by staff members and fellow community members who are experienced in our products and services. Items posted here are made public to current customer only which means you must login to gain access to view posted items and post your own items.

However if you’re a prospective customer you will be able to access the pre-sales area to post any questions/concerns you may have and need answered.

Note: Please ensure that you read our community guidelines and agree to our policies before posting any items. Also best practice is to perform a search first to see if anyone has already asked or addressed your questions/concerns.

Access Link:

2. Ticket Support:

Is designed to provide direct staff to customer interaction. This system enables us to record ongoing interaction with our customers which we can later review to further improve our customer service

Tickets can be opened in one of two ways (1) by current customers logging into their account via (2) by sending a direct email to the following addresses.

billing [at] caribonix [dot] com – Any billing related issues, questions and concerns should be sent here. (Current customers only)

help [at] caribonix [dot] com – Any product/service help and support related issues, questions and concerns should be sent here (Current customers only)

sales [at] caribonix [dot] com – Any sales related, inquiries, questions and concerns on new and/or existing products and services should be sent here

info [at] caribonix [dot] com – Any general company related questions and/or inquiries should be sent here.

Note 1: Please include your domain name and/or username with all emails sent to the above addresses for tickets to be created. Do not submit any passwords as no one on our staff will ever ask you for it.

Note 2: If you have posted a forum item/topic before opening a ticket please include the link to that forum item/topic so our team will be able to follow up.

3. Help & support Center:

This area is designed to provide simple do it yourself guides on how best to utilize our products and services. If you are currently reading this document then you have already found this area. Make use of the search bar at the top of the page to find any article of interest.

Please check this area on a regular basis as we are continually working on expanding this knowledge base.

Access Link:

4. Voice/live chat support

Voice chat is available to both prospective and current customers:

Note: If you are seeking help & supports please open a support ticket as directed above, providing as much details as possible.

Please schedule a Skype call via the following link:

Skype ID: caribonix

Simply contact your account representative and provide them with full detail based on your request and a meeting will be scheduled with a representative of the respective department.

Live chat – is available via our main website this chat is primarily utilized by our sales team to communicate with prospective customers. We recommend utilizing the forums or opening a ticket for any other area not related to sales.

Our quick contact form can also be used if you just want to say hello, send feedback or have any general inquiries